Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Surprise

I got home around 11:30 AM after a 9 hour excrutiating shift ...*sigh* I don't like my work truth be told but giving that up would be like committing suicide ... so I stayed. I cannot wait for the clock to strike 10:3o AM so I could log off and go home it's one of the things I look forward to everyday ... coming home to find a postcard or an envie waiting for me.

Got home and my uncle placed on my computer table 2 "naked" postcards and 1 rather large envelope, I smiled. I was right ... penpalling and swapping is definitely a great stress reliever! Let's see what I got!!!

See the two postcards? Both are from the group swaps I participated in swap-bot; Sender's Choice Postcard both were from USA. In this particular swap we were given 6 partners that we have to send one naked postcard to each so a total of 6 and in return we'd receive 6 postcards as well. So far I got two and am looking forward to the other four.

Then notice that large brown package at the back? That is from Spain from a new found friend via Friends Circle. She sent me a bunch of FB's and this really big and thick Diddl Letter Pad. So so so nice! Thanks much Estela, my envie for you will be posted tomorrow.

~ package from Estela ~

~ the very large Diddl pad, so love it! ~

~ FB's from Estela ~

So the one above are the envies I mailed today, one for Angela [met her via facebook and we've become regular penpals]; Bev [met her via friendshipbooklets.org and I adore the fb's she sent]; Michelle [via facebook as well] and the rest for the tags I joined in swap-bot. I am addicted to swapping and tagging I am almost always present on the Tags Forum at swap-bot. hehehehe. Oh see the big envie at the back??? Thats the very first big envie I've sent out either and thats for Anais in Paris, one of the things on her wishlist is a sketchpad heheheh and that made it big ...
I cannot wait for tomorrow ... hopefully there'll be envies waiting for me when I get home.

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