Friday, October 23, 2009

FBs, Mails, Stickers and What Not

This arrived last Thursday and I was really really happy. I got a bunch of fbs from Bev, a surprise package from Elizabeth ... it was called a friendship fun pack filled with fbs, label bags, stickers and what not. It was a random thing and she must have gotten my addy from one of the many fbs passing around the world. Share from swap-bot sent me an envie for the wishlist tag filled with ribbons that were oh so cute. I also got an envie filled with cupcake note cards [ I love everything cupcake!] and loads of stickers. Let's take a look at them ..

- fbs from Elizabeth -

- fbs from Bev -

- stickers from Mona for the Stickers Swap -

- random envie tag from Bobbie via swap-bot -

- from Jay Lynne via Friends Circle -

- cute ribbons from Share via swap-bot -

- from Susan via swap-bot -

- this is my list of 100 things that make me HAPPY -

- cover page lol -

- inside -

It's been assembling things for other people, I've mailed out my weekly batch and am expecting to mail out quite a few by next week, hopefully I'll receive a bunch of envies this Monday.

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