Friday, October 23, 2009

FBs, Mails, Stickers and What Not

This arrived last Thursday and I was really really happy. I got a bunch of fbs from Bev, a surprise package from Elizabeth ... it was called a friendship fun pack filled with fbs, label bags, stickers and what not. It was a random thing and she must have gotten my addy from one of the many fbs passing around the world. Share from swap-bot sent me an envie for the wishlist tag filled with ribbons that were oh so cute. I also got an envie filled with cupcake note cards [ I love everything cupcake!] and loads of stickers. Let's take a look at them ..

- fbs from Elizabeth -

- fbs from Bev -

- stickers from Mona for the Stickers Swap -

- random envie tag from Bobbie via swap-bot -

- from Jay Lynne via Friends Circle -

- cute ribbons from Share via swap-bot -

- from Susan via swap-bot -

- this is my list of 100 things that make me HAPPY -

- cover page lol -

- inside -

It's been assembling things for other people, I've mailed out my weekly batch and am expecting to mail out quite a few by next week, hopefully I'll receive a bunch of envies this Monday.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Letter Pads - International

I've been a member at swap-bot for well over a month now and have completed more than 10 snail mail swaps [I don't participate in email swaps] and have been been rated in more than 10 swaps already. The pain of being a newbie, where most of the swaps are just not for you is finally over. I'm taking a rather bold step in organizing my first ever public swap [I've created two private swaps already] and am crossing my fingers that this will go well.

- thats an image of my letter pad collection -

Here's the rules for my swap:


I love writing and I send out close to 50 envies on a weekly basis [going everyday to the post office is just killing me] so I almost always run out of papers to write on.

So this swap is for those who love writing and letter pads in general. Letter pads are those bundle of cute papers with no envies [usually one pad has around 50 sheets]. You will have 2 partners in this swap and you will send 3 letter pads to each, a total of 6 letter pads all in all. Please don't send 3 pads with one design [that's totally boring!], make it a variety. This is going to be sender's choice but of course feel free to check out your partner's profile for hints.

You must have participated in at least 10 snail mail swaps. No recent NO SENDS, a rating of 4.7 or higher and a completely filled out profile. I will be checking out profiles manually before assigning partners and will ban anyone who seems unable to complete the swap. As a swapper here on swap-bot it is your responsibility to rate fairly and on time.

If you have questions then feel free to ask. Happy Swapping everyone.

Do check it out on swap-bot:

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I was getting really frustrated when Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday came without any mail for me. Usually the postman would drop by around 10AM to 11AM but he didn't drop by during those days and I was worried, either nobody sent me anything [crossing my fingers I won't get flaked on at swap-bot] or they got lost somewhere in the Pacific [lol]. But last Thursday he arrived with a bunch of mails for me [10 or more envies] he said some did arrive on Monday but he waited and decided to just drop them off all at once!

Bad bad bad ... but I guess that's loads better than having to received nothing at all. So there you go here are the mails I got.

Did I mention am addicted to swap-bot??? Well there yeah go ... I am addicted to it and the post office lady said my vice is very very costly, I just grinned lol. Also I found another site ... someone posted it on swap-bot on one of the swaps and I checked it out. I liked it immediately lol, so I registered and created my profile. It's not as advanced as swap-bot but it's fun coz you click on Random Address then you'd be presented with a random profile with the address and you could send that person anything! It's definitely a group for people who love getting random mails from strangers.

I already have a few addresses to send postcards too ... will mail them on Monday.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have been terribly busy working on my other blog ... I am selling the extras / duplicate items on my stash here. Items such as stickers [plain, 3D, embossed], lettersets [Disney, Asian inspired] and deco tapes [a rather random mix]. See below:

And a whole bunch more ... I have several [no I should say tons!] of Asian designed letter sets and tons of deco tapes [I love 'em!] and stickers ... lots and lots of stickers. Head on here: Kawaii For Sale, you might find something you'll like.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Castle | A Postcard from Poland

This was a postcard I got from a penpal way back 2005 from Poland ... we drifted and I can no longer remember who stopped writing. But I still have all of her letters and maybe one day I'd write her again, hopefully it won't be returned back to me like all the others. But this postcard is one of my absolute faves, I love castles old and new ... must be because it's not available here ... you'd always want something you don't have.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Surprise

I got home around 11:30 AM after a 9 hour excrutiating shift ...*sigh* I don't like my work truth be told but giving that up would be like committing suicide ... so I stayed. I cannot wait for the clock to strike 10:3o AM so I could log off and go home it's one of the things I look forward to everyday ... coming home to find a postcard or an envie waiting for me.

Got home and my uncle placed on my computer table 2 "naked" postcards and 1 rather large envelope, I smiled. I was right ... penpalling and swapping is definitely a great stress reliever! Let's see what I got!!!

See the two postcards? Both are from the group swaps I participated in swap-bot; Sender's Choice Postcard both were from USA. In this particular swap we were given 6 partners that we have to send one naked postcard to each so a total of 6 and in return we'd receive 6 postcards as well. So far I got two and am looking forward to the other four.

Then notice that large brown package at the back? That is from Spain from a new found friend via Friends Circle. She sent me a bunch of FB's and this really big and thick Diddl Letter Pad. So so so nice! Thanks much Estela, my envie for you will be posted tomorrow.

~ package from Estela ~

~ the very large Diddl pad, so love it! ~

~ FB's from Estela ~

So the one above are the envies I mailed today, one for Angela [met her via facebook and we've become regular penpals]; Bev [met her via and I adore the fb's she sent]; Michelle [via facebook as well] and the rest for the tags I joined in swap-bot. I am addicted to swapping and tagging I am almost always present on the Tags Forum at swap-bot. hehehehe. Oh see the big envie at the back??? Thats the very first big envie I've sent out either and thats for Anais in Paris, one of the things on her wishlist is a sketchpad heheheh and that made it big ...
I cannot wait for tomorrow ... hopefully there'll be envies waiting for me when I get home.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mail Monday

I got home and found two envies waiting for me ... yey!!! One was from a newly found friend through and the other one was from toupti at swap-bot. Here are the pics I took:

~ found them waiting for me when I got home from work ~

~ blank ATC's and a sticker from toupti @ swap-bot ~

~ fb's from Bev ~

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mails Posted

The post office lady and I are now well acquainted with each other seeing that I drop mails close to almost daily. She said my vice is rather expensive ... tugs!

Cute Characters FB Made via Themed FB Group

I was invited to join the Themed FB Group in Swap-bot which I readily accepted. I joined on the group swap with the theme of creating neat and creative FB's with Cute Characters on them, we have to make 3 FB's for ourselves and will be assigned one partner to send them to. Here's what I've made:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chocolate Hills : PFF

Here goes another round of Postcard Friendship Friday and for this week my entry would be another one from the Philippines.

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol. This is the major attraction in the province of Bohol and one of the many attractions in the country. When I was like 6 years old in my first grade we had this reading book full of children's stories and one of the stories there which I just can't get out of my head is that of the Chocolate Hills. In the story it was said that long time ago there lived a giant, he was a good mighty giant and the people loved him, he was the guardian of the hills. The townspeople would go to his home with a pail and a small bundle of food for the giant and in return they'll have their pails filled with choco goodness.

News of the abundant chocolate reached far and wide that people from other towns flock the area asking for chocolates in a very greedy and aggressive manner. The good giant became very angry and one night left the town close the doors of his home and turned the hills into nothing but hard dark solid soil.

Well there goes the story I guess you'd be able to figure out the rest of the ending ... all during those time I really thought that the Chocolates Hills were really made of chocolate and I kept telling my mom if only people weren't bad we could have had some, she was kind enough not to burst the bubble of an overly imaginative 6 year old. Over time I did grew out of it realizing that the story was nothing but a work of fiction.

Last 2007 I visited the place with a friend and it brought back the story to mind which made me smile the entire time I was there. The hills changed colors, during the summer its colored green and during the wet or rainy season it's all dark chocolate brown thus deriving its name.

There yah go, hope you guys enjoy my entry for this week.


When I got home after having dinner with MJ I was shocked to see an email on my inbox from; Banned from Swap Notification. Huhuhuhuhu Checked on it and logged unto my swap-bot account and saw the message of the coordinator. She banned me from the swap because they need seasoned participants who already has 5 ratings. *sigh* one of the many frustrations of being a newbie, my bad actually for not reading thoroughly the entire mechanics of the swap. From now on I vow to only join swaps that are newbie friendly.

Monokuro Boo and Something Kawaii

A new found contact in swap-bot offered to do a private trade with me creating address labels for her and in return she'll send me anything she has extra on my profile, we call it profile surprise. Am quite nervous actually am not sure if she'll like 'em and given the number of kawaii images I have stored on my pc I cannot settle on one design to use. So far I've made two and another one is on the way looks to me I'll be sending her three sets of addy labels. Hehehe