Saturday, October 17, 2009


I was getting really frustrated when Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday came without any mail for me. Usually the postman would drop by around 10AM to 11AM but he didn't drop by during those days and I was worried, either nobody sent me anything [crossing my fingers I won't get flaked on at swap-bot] or they got lost somewhere in the Pacific [lol]. But last Thursday he arrived with a bunch of mails for me [10 or more envies] he said some did arrive on Monday but he waited and decided to just drop them off all at once!

Bad bad bad ... but I guess that's loads better than having to received nothing at all. So there you go here are the mails I got.

Did I mention am addicted to swap-bot??? Well there yeah go ... I am addicted to it and the post office lady said my vice is very very costly, I just grinned lol. Also I found another site ... someone posted it on swap-bot on one of the swaps and I checked it out. I liked it immediately lol, so I registered and created my profile. It's not as advanced as swap-bot but it's fun coz you click on Random Address then you'd be presented with a random profile with the address and you could send that person anything! It's definitely a group for people who love getting random mails from strangers.

I already have a few addresses to send postcards too ... will mail them on Monday.

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