Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sent to Dee Ann

I guess this would be the initial set of the swap I sent to Dee Ann; she has confirmed to have gotten it and I hope she loves it. Looking forward to receiving the ribbons in her flickr. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Win Win Win

Okay so I was bloghopping and found this site offering 200 USD up for grabs via paypal … check ‘em out!

jewelry earrings

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Swaps Received Today

Every Thursday [Philippine time] I would pay a visit to the main post office to claim parcels and packages that were sent with the customs forms on them, you see any envelope no matter how small gets stuck at the main post office when they have the attached green custom's form. So it'd take a while for me to get them ... ever since I joined swap-bot I have been getting and sending loads and loads of mails on a close to daily basis. So lets take a look at them now shall we?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Swaps Already Travelling

bento box, hello kitty, deco tapes, letter sets, stickers, note pads, stickey notes,
- for Evi -
swap-bot, note pads, stickers, letter sets, deco tapes, glitter glue, letter pads,
- for Mia -
I have this habit of posting images of the swaps I have sent out to my swap bot partners and I do hope they will like what I have packed for them.
The first one was for Evi and the second for Mia; they were both for private swaps am in.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

For Robin

We [Jenny and I] received a wonderful package a couple of days back from Robin via swap-bot. It wasn’t a swap but a package full of wishes, it was a lovely surprise! There’s a parcel for Jenny and then for me; we were both ecstatic and to thank the nice lady, Jenny insisted on sending her some goodies from our side of the world. Let’s take a look.
swap-bot, Cebu Philippines, souvenir items
- a small size souvenir shopping bag [Cebu is the city we live in]
- a small jewelry box [covered in shells]
- 2 souvenir magnets
- 1 souvenir coin purse
- 1 pouch
- and a 5 packs of Jenny’s favorite snack
Hope she will like the items we have assembled for her.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Swaps Received

Aren't they fantastic or what??!!! Thanks much ladies for these wonderful swaps :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Very First Dotee Doll

I am in a swap over at swap-bot created for those who almost failed Home Economics back in high school and it was challenging, I don't know about you but I can neither cook nor sew they're just no my cup of tea and it scary but I managed to create my very first dotee doll. True it doesn't hold a candle to the gorgeous ones created by pros over at flickr but I made it on my own, my very first and it's the effort and the thought that counts. Right? lol ... Just say yes ok? Bwahahaha anyways lets look at it ....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

From Ana

I met Ana via flickr when I commented on the photos of my letter set collection and asked if we could do a swap which I readily agreed. She received my swap way before I received hers and I was getting kinda worried. I have been flaked on several times and I hate getting flaked on again. But I got her swap today and lets take a look at them.

They are lovely. Thanks much Ana!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


- hello kitty face bento box
- small rilakumma mug
- monokuro boo letter pad
- mini notebook
- sticky notes
- 3 monokuro boo pens
- cute spoon, fork and knife
- 2 rolls of small deco tapes
- loose mashimaro letter sheets
- a cute small piggy bank

I took a photo of the items I have assembled for my kawaii bento swap over at swap-bot and I was really excited about it. I thought I went above and beyond with what I have picked; I thought the Hello Kitty face bento box was really cute so I bought it and didn't mind that it cost me 12.50 USD  but apparently they weren't up to standards of what's kawaii and what's not.

The swap requirements stated: Fill the box with fun, bento and kawaii related items. Feel free to include things too big to fit in the box. (Bento accessories, kawaii stationary, Japanese snacks).

I thought a Monokuro Boo letter pad would be considered a kawaii stationery and I also thought this was sender's choice but apparently since my partner only collects a certain design she didn't appreciate them. I understand her distress and disappointment when my package arrived in such a mess but to be told the items I sent her were just randomly thrown together was disheartening. I checked over her flickr photos and saw that the mug had indeed broken to which am terribly sorry but to be questioned if they cost 10 USD was just ... *sigh* never mind. I should have known better than to join swaps with specific amounts; things are priced differently in each location.

When I joined the swap I didn't know we were to look for specific kawaii items our assigned partners like. I will assemble another package for her this would probably be the most distressing and expensive swap I have ever joined.

Lesson learned this time ... my idea of kawaii definitely didn't meet other people's standard. *sigh*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Cold Outside

I guess it's very cold in the US right now and in this swap I joined [though it's not cold here] we are to send our partners goodies to keep them company throughout the cold season. Lets have a look at what I have packed ...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pick 4 Swap

In one of the groups I am, there's this Pick 4 swap wherein there's a list of items you can send but you'll only pick 4 to send to your partner. Let's take a look at the items I've packed ...

- 2 packs of notecards
- 3 gel pens
- 2 lip balms
- 1 tube of purple glitter
- 1 small baggie of candies

Friday, January 8, 2010

For Mandii

I was in a private swap over at swap-bot and I hope I won't get flaked on it, I am beginning to think that my swap with Charlotte is a hopeless case. Too bad I did send her several wonderful items and I get nothing in return, some people are just unbelievably shameless. Anyways here are the stuff I have assembled for Mandii, hope she'll like them. lets take a look.

- 4 children's book
- 1 pack of white chocolate mini bars
- 1 pack of white chocolate wafer bars
- 24 colored pens
- 1 betty boop watch [1930]

Monday, January 4, 2010

For Melissa

I am in a private swap over at swap-bot with Melissa from the States and she'd like to receive some things from the Philippines so here's what I have assembled for her. Hope she'll like them; lets take a look.

- 1 small sized souvenir bag
- 1 bamboo jewelry box
- 1 heart shaped shell jewelry box
- 2 fridge magnets
- 1 native purse
- 1 souvenir key holder
- 1 souvenir pen holder
 and a some other thingies

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Items Up for Swap ... I Guess

I have several items I'd like to swap or sell to anyone interested ... let's take a look at them.

- My Melody bento accessories -

- kawaii sheep bento accessories -

- handyman tools | erasers -

- mini pink flashlight so cute -

- 24 colored pens -

- a pack of yarns | 12 colors -

- blue Strawberry Shortcake mini diary -

- pink Strawberry Shortcake mini diary -

- small face towel -

- small face towel -

I am glaeken over at swap-bot if you are interested in any, PM me which ones you'd like and your offers and we could setup a private trade for them.