Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chocolate Hills : PFF

Here goes another round of Postcard Friendship Friday and for this week my entry would be another one from the Philippines.

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol. This is the major attraction in the province of Bohol and one of the many attractions in the country. When I was like 6 years old in my first grade we had this reading book full of children's stories and one of the stories there which I just can't get out of my head is that of the Chocolate Hills. In the story it was said that long time ago there lived a giant, he was a good mighty giant and the people loved him, he was the guardian of the hills. The townspeople would go to his home with a pail and a small bundle of food for the giant and in return they'll have their pails filled with choco goodness.

News of the abundant chocolate reached far and wide that people from other towns flock the area asking for chocolates in a very greedy and aggressive manner. The good giant became very angry and one night left the town close the doors of his home and turned the hills into nothing but hard dark solid soil.

Well there goes the story I guess you'd be able to figure out the rest of the ending ... all during those time I really thought that the Chocolates Hills were really made of chocolate and I kept telling my mom if only people weren't bad we could have had some, she was kind enough not to burst the bubble of an overly imaginative 6 year old. Over time I did grew out of it realizing that the story was nothing but a work of fiction.

Last 2007 I visited the place with a friend and it brought back the story to mind which made me smile the entire time I was there. The hills changed colors, during the summer its colored green and during the wet or rainy season it's all dark chocolate brown thus deriving its name.

There yah go, hope you guys enjoy my entry for this week.


  1. Interesting story, and you have very nice background pattern on this blog.

    Happy PFF!

    My Bangkok Through My Eyes!
    You got a Posty: I want to

    give 15 postcards :)

  2. That's an interesting story. The hills look sort of like Hershey's Kisses.

  3. Lovely postcard.....great post....
    Thanks for sharing

    Have a beautiful weekend

  4. They do look a little like Hershey's kisses!

  5. Thanks guys!! I agree they look like Hershey's Kisses ... now I want one. lol!

  6. I absolutely adored this post. WOW! What a beautiful postcard, and what a marvelous story! Thank you for sharing, and happy PFF!

  7. Love the story and the child like belief in the legend. I'm with you. Too bad people had to be so greedy.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys! Happy PFF.