Thursday, September 17, 2009


While browsing online searching for fb swappers and penpals, I run into a cute site: where swappers and penpallers can post their ads. I saw quite a few people and sent them an email expressing my interest in swapping fbs, decos, label bags and what have you with them. I did that the other night and am glad that one of them responded. Bev from Virgina responded to my email and at the moment I am assembling my envie for her. In the envie I've assembled, I have enclosed 4 established fbs and 3 new ones that I have created for my pals and for myself and I've included 6 sheets of cute notepads. Will get this mailed today together with 3 other letters for friends. :) Post office opens at 9AM, will do my grocery after mailing these stuff then.

Sorry, its minda messy ... thats my workstation/computer table ...on the left side sits my laptop and on the far left my two portable hard disk drives (1TB and 320GB) and on the far right would be my all in one printer. Waaaaaaaa will clean up later lol.

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