Friday, September 25, 2009

Pleasant Surprise : PFF

When I arrived home yesterday after work I found this postcard amongst other mails waiting for me. At first glance I thought it was a postcard sent through postcrossing but when I took a closer look at it looking for the ID number there was none. Read the message and I was very surprise that it came from Chris Overstreet of Wild Postcards and Girls Go Postal. He was the very first to comment on my first entry for PFF.

It has the French stamp on it and a French inscription, Chris said on his message that the building behind the garden which is the Louvre used to be a palace. It's really pretty, wohooo another beautiful addition to my collection.

Thanks much Chris!!!


  1. Hooray for Chris! He is such a nice chap and a clever comment king!

  2. The stamp and postmark on the front really add to the look. They are better positioned than usual.

  3. A lovely postcard indeed....

    Have a beautiful weekend

  4. What a precious gift. WOW! Gorgeous stamp and postcard! Happy PFF!

  5. Yep, Chris keeps two two neat blogs.