Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mail Mail Mail

I did mention am a newbie at swap-bot right? Well there are several people there who were kind enough to organize swaps intended for newbies like me to get started and get ratings that would enable us to join on other swaps and to increase the number of swaps we can join at a time. For newbies you are only allowed to join in 5 group swaps at one time ... and I've joined in all five!
I just got home actually from the post office, today I've managed to mail the following:

- letter and a postcard to Tanja in Germany
- postcard in an envie for Janet in the US
- postcard in an envie for Leslie in the US
- envie containing a letter and fbs to Joy in the US
- an envie with 5 store bought postcards to my partner in the group swap "Postcards In An Envelope #3"
Somehow over the cours3e of my constant visit to the post office I've befriended and the in
charge and she'd smile everytime I drop by to mail my letters. I still have on going 4 group swaps and am still assembling the envies for each one them, sometimes a group swap is involves 6 partners to send to which means that for that swap you'd receive 6 random envies too. Whew!! Am looking forward to receiving mine in the next couple of days.

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