Monday, September 28, 2009

Mail Monday

I posted 5 envies earlier after work together with one naked postcard. The people at the post office were like ... didn't you just mail a couple of envies last week? I did but that was for other stuff or shall I say for other people??? tugs!

The ones I mailed earlier were for the group swap I joined in swap-bot, deadline for posting is still on the 30th but I wanna get it done earlier so that I'll one room for joining in another swap. Someone from the site did mention that it's going to be very addictive and I guess she's right coz am getting hooked.

I still have three more swaps to complete, the next deadline is on the 5th of October, as for the other two, partners we're not assigned yet. I've messaged the people at swap-bot informing them that I've mailed their stuff already and that to let me know once they get them.

As for me, an envie did arrive from Michelle ... we met via a Friendship/Swappers group in Facebook and her envie contained fb's and one handwritten note. Love it!

Will get back to her by the end of the week ... I just hope more envies would come my way tomorrow.

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