Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday Mail Goodies [11|26|09]

I made it a habit to drop by the main post office every Thursday of the week after my shift and for this week here are the mails I got.

- a total of 15 envelopes -

- presents for everyone swap -

- an ink pad, a pair of socks and a box of stickers -

- Happy Birthday Greeting Card from Tracy -

- postcards, erasers, earrings, notecards, hot cocoa drink -

- love all these beautiful papers -

- for the swap-a-pen swap -

There are the goodies I've received last Thursday, they are all so wonderful.  Can't wait to see if I got any next week.


  1. Whoa !!
    I get hardly 2-3 packages a week !!
    You surely are lucky n__n

  2. Heheheh I feel really lucky though claiming all 15 from the post office took a LARGE dent on my wallet. lol