Thursday, November 19, 2009

Missent to Thailand. Can You Imagine??

Sometime in October, I had a private swap with Cari [CariahCreates at swap-bot] and she has received my package quite sometime ago but I still hadn't received hers till yesterday. We both sent our respective packages on October 9, 2009 and she received and rate me on October 27, 2009. When I went to the main post office yesterday one of the 13 packages for me was a white box from Cari and I was ecstatic. At first I thought it was the stuff I bought from ebay but boy I was wrong. On the box was a stamp which says "MISSENT TO THAILAND", can you imagine??? Philippines and Thailand sure are spelled differently and I cannot understand why it was sent there. Lets take a look at them ...

Opening the box made me really really giddy with happiness yohooo! I now have cute pink and brown ribbons for my scrapbooking. So so cute, plus the handmade bracelet from Cari sure is a wonderful birthday present, though am allergic to accessories [most of the time] but this is surely one accessory am never gonna let go. So so nice. Thanks much Cari! You are one wonderful and awesome swapper.

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