Monday, November 30, 2009

P!nkal!c!ous Swap

 Hi All!

If you are like me who just couldn't get enough of this color then this swap is for you.

In a nutshell you:

- will select 1 category from the list below and post your choice as a comment on this swap.
- will send your partner the list of items listed under the category of their choice.

**Categories To Choose From**

- Basic Make Up Kit
- lip balm
- lip stick [shade of pink]
- pressed powder
- blush on
- eye shadow
[Items under this category must be store bought as some countries have strict customs regulations about home made products.]

- Arts and Crafts
- a pack of buttons [at least 5 packs]
- a pack of beads [at least 3 packs]
- card stock or mat stacks [nothing smaller than 6x5 inches; send at least 20 pieces]
- ribbons [at least 3 designs; nothing shorter than 2 yards]

- Writing Goodies
- pink inked pens [at least 3]
- 3 lettersets [6 sheets and 2 envelopes]
- sticky note pads [at least 3]
- pink journal at least 8x5 inches [line or unlined, senders choice]
- pencils [at least 3]

- Random
- fashion bracelets [at least 2]
- cellphone charm [at least 3, pls. vary in design]
- earrings [at least 2 pairs]
- hair accessories [at least 3]

This will be an international swap. I will not stipulate any amount as things are priced differently in each location. This is a rather big swap and I want everyone to have a great time, send only things you yourself would like to receive. No flakers allowed! No Newbies allowed [sorry!] must have a rating of 4.8 or higher, NO NO SENDS within the last 6 months. Must have completed and been rated for at least 50 Snail Mail swaps.

I will ban anyone I deem unable to complete this swap. Questions? PM me.

Happy Swapping Ladies!

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