Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Love Cupcake

Ever since I joined swap-bot.com and joined in swaps and tags I've discovered that I actually love making swap cards and addy labels for myself and for my swap partners basing on their likes on their profiles list. If a partner of mine has swap cards or addy labels on their wish list then I try to make one set for them which gives them 30 addy labels or 10 swap cards sometimes a combination of both. Here's the latest that I made for myself.

I so so so so love cupcake and even though am a total klutz in the kitchen so cooking and baking are a major NO-NO but looking at cupcake stickers, notecards, ribbons and die cuts for scrapbooking, journals, amigurumis, would just make me giddy. lol. So I made this card for my tags, I have a different one for my swaps. *sigh* kawaii cupcake is just soo sooo cute!

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