Saturday, January 30, 2010

For Robin

We [Jenny and I] received a wonderful package a couple of days back from Robin via swap-bot. It wasn’t a swap but a package full of wishes, it was a lovely surprise! There’s a parcel for Jenny and then for me; we were both ecstatic and to thank the nice lady, Jenny insisted on sending her some goodies from our side of the world. Let’s take a look.
swap-bot, Cebu Philippines, souvenir items
- a small size souvenir shopping bag [Cebu is the city we live in]
- a small jewelry box [covered in shells]
- 2 souvenir magnets
- 1 souvenir coin purse
- 1 pouch
- and a 5 packs of Jenny’s favorite snack
Hope she will like the items we have assembled for her.

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