Thursday, January 14, 2010


- hello kitty face bento box
- small rilakumma mug
- monokuro boo letter pad
- mini notebook
- sticky notes
- 3 monokuro boo pens
- cute spoon, fork and knife
- 2 rolls of small deco tapes
- loose mashimaro letter sheets
- a cute small piggy bank

I took a photo of the items I have assembled for my kawaii bento swap over at swap-bot and I was really excited about it. I thought I went above and beyond with what I have picked; I thought the Hello Kitty face bento box was really cute so I bought it and didn't mind that it cost me 12.50 USD  but apparently they weren't up to standards of what's kawaii and what's not.

The swap requirements stated: Fill the box with fun, bento and kawaii related items. Feel free to include things too big to fit in the box. (Bento accessories, kawaii stationary, Japanese snacks).

I thought a Monokuro Boo letter pad would be considered a kawaii stationery and I also thought this was sender's choice but apparently since my partner only collects a certain design she didn't appreciate them. I understand her distress and disappointment when my package arrived in such a mess but to be told the items I sent her were just randomly thrown together was disheartening. I checked over her flickr photos and saw that the mug had indeed broken to which am terribly sorry but to be questioned if they cost 10 USD was just ... *sigh* never mind. I should have known better than to join swaps with specific amounts; things are priced differently in each location.

When I joined the swap I didn't know we were to look for specific kawaii items our assigned partners like. I will assemble another package for her this would probably be the most distressing and expensive swap I have ever joined.

Lesson learned this time ... my idea of kawaii definitely didn't meet other people's standard. *sigh*

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